My goal is to make living a life of well-being accessible to everyone and to empower men and women to do this by awakening their authentic selves. My approach to this is by helping you gain a deeper understanding of your wellbeing.


When we feel good in both our mind and our body, we can achieve a level of wholeness and positivity that will enhance our everyday life. We can all experience it by nourishing the mind and body and living a purposeful life. Prioritising your health and wellbeing is an essential part of finding your purpose and living a purposeful life. I can help you take steps to identify your obstacles and false beliefs​, locate your strengths and ​set achievable goals to plan for a life of fulfilment.

To make change you need to take the first steps towards change.

Through my programs and personal coaching, you can discover how you can enhance your everyday life, take steps to identify your obstacles and false beliefs​, located your strengths and ​set achievable goals. You will have someone in your corner to cheer you on, someone who cares and won't let you be anything other than your best self.


I look forward to meeting you.


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Limited private coaching and art therapy sessions are available

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